How to properly conduct an online survey?

There is no widespread equation for making studies, however broad bit by bit rules can be given. Based on the characteristics of a specific business, they will assist if you want to создать опрос онлайн.

Establish the study’s precise objective

Provide responses to the following three inquiries in order to establish the appropriate objective:

  • What inquiries do you have?
  • Why do you require this data?
  • How will you use the data that you receive?

You must be aware of the survey’s improvements and how they will occur. The survey results won’t be useful otherwise. Example goals:

  • Determine the current market trends for the launch of a new product
  • Determine the subscribers’ interests for content planning
  • Find new ways to improve the product by measuring customer satisfaction

Make a selection of participants 

The selection of respondents is the next step. It is essential to segment the audience because polling all of the company’s customers simultaneously is pointless. For instance, to divide the database into regular, inactive, and potential buyers based on their stage of interaction with the brand.

What other groups are possible to form:

  • By where you live
  • As indicated by socio-segment information: age, gender, and level of income
  • By routines and interests
  • By content consumption activity: active subscribers to the newsletter, click the link to make a purchase, and do not open letters

Create a structure and tasks

Determine the survey’s milestones and the project’s timetable. Consider the order of the questions’ topics on your preliminary list. The three parts of a typical questionnaire are: introduction, specific inquiries, and conclusion.

Participants will see an offer to take a survey, the name of the company, the survey’s goals, and the time required to respond in the first block. There are thematic blocks throughout the main portion. Respondents typically progress from simple to complex.

By Kenneth Ford
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