An Overview of UPSC Coaching in Delhi

The Civil Service examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the toughest examinations in India. It is tough due to the vast syllabus covered in the examination and due to the number of aspirants preparing for the examination. Lakhs of students try to get into the coveted Civil Service posts and usually the number of vacancies are less than 1000. Hence, most of the aspiring candidates usually take UPSC coaching to help them clear the examination. This article gives a brief overview of UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

Although lakhs of students appear for the Civil Service examination from each and every state of India, a large number of civil service exam aspirants travel to Delhi for UPSC coaching. There is a problem of plenty due to the presence of many institutes for UPSC coaching in Delhi. BYJU’S IAS coaching center in Delhi is currently running different batches, to provide flexibility for both students and working professionals. UPSC coaching in Delhi by BYJU’S provides Weekdays batches to cater to students who have devoted their entire time to prepare for the civil service examination. UPSC coaching in Delhi by BYJU’S provides Weekend batches to cater to the working professionals.

To guide aspiring students to reach their goals, their innate strengths and weaknesses have to be identified. BYJU’S IAS coaching in Delhi has an excellent advisory board and faculty who are capable of guiding aspiring students. The members of the advisory board in the BYJU’S UPSC coaching are as follows: Dr Noor Mohammad (IAS Retd., Former Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority), SN JHA (IAS Retd. Former Chief Secretary, Bihar), Vishrut Abhinna (IAS Retd., Former Additional Controller, Ministry of Defense), CNS Nair (IAS Retd. Former Secretary to Govt of India), G. Subba Rao ((IAS Retd., Former Chairman Gujarat State Police Complaints Authority), AK Puri (IPS Retd. Former DGP, Himachal Pradesh), A. K. Rastogi (IAS Retd., Former Secretary to Govt. of India), Arun Kumar Mago (IAS Retd. Former Chief Secretary, Maharashtra), Vineet Ohri (IRS, Retd. Former Chief Commissioner, Customs & Excise), BL Vohra (IPS Retd. Former DGP, Himachal Pradesh), and BS Lamba (IAS Retd. Indian Envoy to UNA).

There is a good faculty to teach various subjects of UPSC Syllabus. The names of faculties in the BYJU’S UPSC coaching in Del hi are as follows: Disaster Management, Environment & Ecology will be taught by Prashant, Essay section will be taken by Priyanka Deo, Science and Technology subject will be taught by Sanjay Pandey. Subjects such as Art & Culture, Medieval History, Post Independence, Modern History will be taught by Chandrabhan, Governance will be taught by SY Qureshi, Amit Das Gupta handles International Relations, Social Issues will be taken by Sarthak Pradhan. The Economy subject will be taught by Abhishek Shukla and S P Jha. The Polity section will be taken up by Kumudranjan and Vijay Narayan.

The above given information related to faculties and advisory board gives an understanding about the importance given by the BYJU’S UPSC coaching in Delhi to make sure that aspiring candidates are able to successfully clear the Civil Service examination.

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