Warming Up With Sound Effects

Sound Effects

A fun, active and hilarious way to get students into English mode, this warm-up works for almost every age and level.

Cut out the cards from the handout and give one to each student. Each student is given a sound effect (e.g. a car horn)  to make while other students have to guess what it is. Tell students they’re not allowed to show other students their cards or reveal what’s on it.

Students will mingle, find a partner and start sounding off. They should take brief notes about the other students’ sound effects. There are 14 in total, so to make it competitive, you can have students race to discover the other 13.

A: Vrrooom!!

B: Are you an airplane?

A: Nope. Guess again.

B: Can you repeat it?

A: Vrrooom!!

B: Are you a motorbike?

A: Guess again?

B: A car?

A: That’s right!

Download the Sound Effects Handout.

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